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National Sales Recruiting Group – NSRG, founded in 2007, is a national sales recruitment firm based in Tampa, Florida specializing in the recruitment of professional sales people. We focus on mid to senior level sales roles up to and including Chief Sales Officers (CSO). At NSRG our philosophy is “less is more”. We strive to thoroughly understand each client’s unique business, technical and cultural requirements presenting only the most qualified, best-fit candidates. Preservation of our client’s time and money is our goal. We know how to identify the talent necessary to achieve one’s company and individual revenue goals, sales quotas and objectives selling to mid and upper level executives.

Our team of specialized sales recruiters can identify specific high-performing candidates within your industry who match your specific sales role requirements. We will identify and vet the very best candidates with the shortest learning curves and time to revenue possible. NSRG’s management team has held Sales and Sales Management positions with fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. This direct sales experience provides us with an extraordinary understanding of your sales culture. This more thorough understanding of candidates’ backgrounds results in a greater probability the candidate will succeed with your company. We evaluate the candidate’s past and current sales process, activity-levels and attitudes further qualifying them for your specific sales role requirements.

Our areas of expertise include Business to Business services sales (B2B) including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Human Capital Management (HCM), Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), and as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) models. We manage the entire candidate identification, sourcing and interview process as quickly and efficiently as possible relieving your resources of these time-consuming tasks. Additionally, we are very accustomed to working across time zones and speaking with potential candidates before or after normal business hours.

The NSRG team has over 60 years of combined direct outside sales and sales recruitment experience with F500 companies including ADP, Paychex, Equifax, and medical device firms. Additionally, we have filled hundreds of sales, and sales management roles with over fifty regional and national companies within various industries. We find the key to our respective success is NSRG’s ability to find the perfect match between our client’s unique requirements and our candidates’ skills sets.

Sales and sales management positions play a key role among U.S. businesses in today’s hyper-competitive market. There is an ever-decreasing pool of successful, well-qualified Sales Representatives and these positions are some of the hardest positions to fill. According to a recent Harvard Business School study, recruitment for technical sales roles currently takes an average of 41 days. This timeframe, plus any new sales hire ramp-up time may be far too long for the organization to assign any unsubscribed quota. By proactively targeting top performing, passive candidates within your industry we have been able to reduce this lead time to 30 days, from first interview to start date. Additionally, recruitment of the millennial generation creates some additional challenges. The millennials perceive professional sales careers as risky and ultra-competitive. This mentality among the younger generation requires us to modify our candidate approach (including process and communication) from one of influencing to informing and educating. Accelerating any new sales hire’s time to first-revenue dramatically increases the new role’s return-on-investment. The NSRG team realizes the quicker they help you get the right candidate on-board, the quicker you can move on to additional revenue generating tasks.

NSRG’s extensive, in-depth sales and sales recruitment experience can make a difference. Call or write us to discuss how we might help with your most challenging sales recruitment issues.

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Client Testimonials

A Great Job

Greg and NSRG do a great job of understanding the profile of the ideal “candidate for hire.” I believe his team thoroughly screens the individual, eliminates those who don’t meet the criteria and relays candid expectations of our job requirements. Sales Manager HCM Company

High Energy Achiever

Greg is a high energy achiever that is fun to work with. He understands people and business well which enables him to drive high performance. Greg knows what is takes to build a successful sales organization based upon his deep experience and track record of success. Sales Manager Technical Sales


Amy — You guys have been amazing! And you were amazing thru this process. Thank you!! Simply, the best! Internal Recruiter Medical Company

Candidate Testimonials

Awesome Coach

Greg has been an awesome coach and recruiter. He takes the time needed to prepare his candidates for what to expect with prospective employers. He knows what they are looking for and chooses the best candidates that are the right fit. So, if you are one of those candidates, count yourself lucky he is in your corner. I highly recommend him. Senior HCM Business Consultant

They Truly Care

There are thousands of recruiters out there, but there’s very few I’ve met who I feel truly care about candidates’ careers. Greg truly cares! He has been in the industry for years and is constantly studying market trends, companies, and expanding his strategic business relationships. I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg, and I recommend him to anyone who is seeking a career in the business world. Account Executive, Large Enterprise

Pleasure to Work With

Greg is a pleasure to interact with, and he has the gift of helping people arrive at their destination. He genuinely works to find happiness for the people he recruits. Greg helped me get to where I wanted to go. I am grateful for that and will keep in touch with Greg. Thank you so much Greg for the support you generously provide! Trusted Authority on Employee Benefits Programs

Takes the Time to Understand

Amy is an excellent recruiter! She takes the time to understand a candidate’s strengths and fully prepares them for the position they are interviewing for, which instills confidence in the applicant. I appreciated her professionalism and direct communication style. My experience with her has been extremely pleasant! B2B Sales Person

Gregory Lawida
(813) 229-0118